About Me

Hi! My name is Laura… and I’m a sweets-a-holic. I love to bake and cook, but most of all, I love giving people that oooohhh, aahhhhh “wow” factor.

I love to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment with the people I love.

I laugh… a lot. I joke around. I love to eat (and food in general). I find comfort in the simple things.

My family and friends are all I have so I cherish them. I don’t take things for granted, especially people and precious moments. I’ve got a big heart and I wear it on my sleeve.

I don’t like bullies – at all. I take peace over war and think that any problem can be solved by chocolate.

Since becoming a mom this year, I see the world through a different lens. My emotions have run so deep I can no longer contain them to the typical “what’s on your mind” Facebook post. I needed an outlet. So here I am…