My red Oldsmobile Achieva hummed into the entrance of our school. The aroma of the hazelnut coffee I bought at Dunkin Donuts saturated the car.  I was listening to the Paul and Young Ron show on the radio. Everything was normal.  As I headed down the path to our school, my mood shifted. Construction…


The Bridgeway seems longer than the courtyard stories suggested. He sees her in the distance. Frail, grey-haired and wheelchair bound. She came.

Farm Fresh Sundays

  It was a beautiful Sunday morning in May. The sun was shining bright on grandpa’s eleven-acre farm. The birds were singing, the rooster was yelling, and the sweet smell of syrup and fresh fruit filled the house.  I finished combing my hair and began running down the long hallway of the four-bedroom, three-bathroom estate….

Turkey and Heartbreak

  The last bit of stuffing was being shoved into the turkey.  “That’s it!” Kelly’s mom exclaimed. “Finally we can stick that thing in the oven and relax.” They each grabbed a corner of the pan and heaved the turkey into the oven. Kelly set the timer for six hours, and raced to the living…

Thank You, Come Again

This essay was written January 31, 2006… two and a half months before my grandfather passed away. It’s a true account of my grandfather’s illness. I’ve decided to include it as it was originally written.  The white walls of the hospital seemed to close in on me as I walked down the long, lonely hallway….

Beware of the Peanut Butter

‘Twas a night in mid June, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except Larry, the mouse.  This is Larry’s side of the story… As I approached the house I noticed a plump, ripe mango laying on the grassy floor. I’d never seen one so big! Three small beads of fresh sap had just hardened…